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Handful of Light


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Ако все чакаш зло – не ще разцъфнеш в синева
С толкова възли е – на живота градежа
Успяват да избягат само стружки ръжда
Осмелили да се пуснат от крепежа…

/Flo, 09.2016/


Learning to defocus

 Portraits. Pavel.

   от Learning to defocus

I stopped taking pictures in the last few years. Last evening at a beer meetup we talked about photography and before leaving I took out my camera from the bag. From all the shots this one is almost ok, but still I'm not happy with it.
I can always say that my viewfinder is broken and I shoot without mich looking, but that's not an excuse, I should have gotten another camera by now.
This is with the kit lens, I also have shots with 50/1.8 but the focus is even worse there.
As we talked last evening, practice makes perfect. One needs a motivation and practice, there is no other way...